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CamelBak Scout Hydration System
Average Street Price: $39.00
Smaller size will fit kids ages 5-10 years old. ...
CamelBak Sternum Strap
Average Street Price: $4.00
The Sternum Strap adds upper-torso stability. The unique slip-on, 3/4 in. slide loop allows easy attatchemnt to all CamelBak shoulder straps. ...
CamelBak Thermal Control Kit
Average Street Price: $14.00
Thermal Control Kit converts any CamelBak® system for extreme winter and summer conditions. Includes Big Bite Valve mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, insulated tube cover and 46" delivery tube. ...
CamelBak TransAlp Hydration System
Average Street Price: $117.00
TransAlp is built for high-torque activity and is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. Full-zip back panel access makes loading a full reservoir easy. Air Support back panel with three-dimensional Air Mesh enhances ventilation. Easy fill, easy clean via the Omega Reservoir. Store helmet in the m...
CamelBak Tube Director
Average Street Price: $9.00
The Tube Director positions a drinking tube exactly where it's needed. A semi-rigid design adapts to any Camelbak hydration system to make it totally hands-free. ...
CamelBak Tubing Extender Kit
Average Street Price: $6.00
The Tube Extender Kit attatches to standard tubing to add another 40" of tubing. Perfect for any situation when the system may be located at a distance. ...
CamelBak Cleaning Brush Kit
Average Street Price: $9.00
Another innovative way to keep your delivery tube and reservoir clean. Includes reservoir brush and tube brush for a complete cleaning solution. Reservoir brush has a radial tip to prevent puncture of reservoir. Flexible spring wire cleans CamelBak® delivery tubes. Nylon brush helps you reach the corner...
CamelBak Ergo Angle
Average Street Price: $4.00
The 90-degree bend of the Ergo Angle conveniently positions the big bite Valve for easy hands-free drinking. ...
CamelBak Ergo Hydrolock Flow Control
Average Street Price: $5.00
The 90-degree bend in CamelBak®'s Ergo HydroLock puts the Big Bite Valve into an ergonomic position for drinking while cycling. With a simple flip, the on/off mechanism can be activated or shut off. ...
CamelBak Flash Flo Hydration System
Average Street Price: $36.00
Stable, lightweight and comfortable. Easy, convenient filling with external access to the OMEGA Reservoir. Includes patented HydroLock. External zip pocket for keys and essentials. Side-cinch compression keeps load stable and secure. Breathable mesh waist belt keeps you cool. Reflectivity for increased lo...
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